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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Update for Anthology Drowned By Moonlight, in honor of Carrie Fisher and to Help Raise Money for Bipolar Research

Guess who was made lead Editor on this wonderful project?  If you said anybody else but me, then you'd be wrong :) 

I am honored to be doing this for this anthology.  I also wrote the Introduction.   It's been a labor of love, and commitment that we've undertaken to raise money for Bipolar Depression research.   Carrie was a sufferer of this mental illness, as is my cousin.  It's a horrible thing to have, and I hope that someday, we find a cure. 

Inside the anthology, you'll find essays on what Carrie meant to the author, stories about terraforming colonys, poetry, and more.  May the 4th 2018 will be the release date.  Will do more publicity on this as we get closer.

I'm soooo excited to be part of this.   And I hope you all enjoy the fruits of our labors.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Camp NaNoWriMo April 2018

Once again it's that time of year, where writers all over the world pack their tents and pots and pans... for Camp NaNoWriMo or Camp Nano...well, not quite literally.   But figuratively, at an online camp.  Camp NaNoWriMo is an offshoot from the folks that bring you the November NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).  The main difference between the Camp and the regular Nano, is that in camp you can set your own goal.

The goal can be a word count.  So instead of the 50,000 words you can write 10k, 5k...I believe the lowest you can go is like 35?   But they have also changed it so you can do hours, minutes, or even pages.  The goal can be changed during the month, but only up to validation begins. (The 20th of the month) 

Validation for other than word count rules seems straightforward:

1)  Click Validate Project
2)  Confirm you've reached your project goal by clicking "Validate."

Normally, the rules are that you have to write something new for the Nanos...but many people use them to finish projects.  For me this year, I've got to finish a story f an anthology before April 15.  So part of my nano will be to finish off this story that I've got percolating in my brain.   Also, I have two anthologies that I'm actively working behind the scenes on.  I would love to finish the rough draft for the second novel in a series.   

To reach word count goals, you can try Write or Die:

And Written Kitten:

You used to be able to change it to anything, but now it's only kitten/puppy/or bunny.  I used to be able to use Dragons. 

So I am setting my goal for 40 hours.   I should be able to reach that.  Wish me luck!   

Friday, March 9, 2018

Random Story Antics

One of the amazing things about being a writer...when you get a random line that pops up out of the blue. And you just keep writing without a destination in mind. Like someone is dictating the story to you. It's one of the most curiously fun things ever.  Today I started a new story, and this line just popped up and so I had to write it down.

"I always knew he loved me."   And then the next line came to mind.

"It was in his every look, every touch, every smile. He just couldn't put his feelings into words." 

This is the joy of being a writer.  I have no destination in mind for this story, it's just like I said it's being dictated to me.  I have no idea who the characters James and Pockets are (though in full disclosure, was watching an episode of Hunter <and hush, yes, I'm that old>) and one of the characters was called "Pockets."  But then the name Sadie came to me.  My friend Tina had a horse named Sadie, she was a bitch on four hooves, but that's another story!

I have 3 pages so far, and it really hasn't revealed where it's going.  But I'm getting an inkling that this may not be a happily ever after story.  Life isn't always happily ever after.  I think fiction should reflect some inherent truths about life.  Though nothing pisses me off more than a pointless unhappy ending!  "City of Angels," I'm looking at you!   

I'll possibly post the rest of this story when it's finished here.  So stay tuned.  But then again, it might not.  Depends if it is good enough.  This is still in first draft blush. 

#amwriting, #firstdraftwoes, #fixitlater.   

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Script for My Second YouTube Vlog

Hello, and Welcome again to my vlog.

If you have been following me through blogger, you’ll know that I talk a lot about something called NaNoWriMo.  This stands for “National Novel Writing Month.”  NaNoWriMo (or Nano) takes place every November.   The goal for Nano is to write 50k words during the month.  Which works out to be 1667 words a day.  I have done 10 years of Nano, and 5 camps so far.  Even if you get behind, it's not too hard to catch up.  You take what you are behind number wise, and divide that by the remaining days.   Adding that figure to 1667 will become your new daily goal.

It isn’t hard to make it to the 50k...several of my friends have done it in one day.  My record is 16 days.  But that was really pushing myself, and I wasn’t finished with the first draft (though I finished it that month).   Is this a complete novel?  No, it’s a rough draft for one.  It needs polishing until it gleams bright.  You don’t want to publish it until it goes through the rewrite/revise process.  As someone once said, “First draft is for telling yourself the story.”

The people who bring us that month of writing bliss/insanity, also do something called Camp Nano.  There are 2 camps, April and July.

The main difference between the Camps and Nano main, is that you can set your own goals.  It can be as little as 30 words (which is new, I believe it used to be 10k), or as much as a million.  If anyone wants to set that as a goal...let me know, will try to talk you out of that.  But also, you can change your goal up until the beginning of validation.  More on validation later.

The other difference is that you can join a cabin, or create a cabin for you and your friends.  I think the limit is 20, but I could be wrong.  I’m bad about keeping up with my cabin, as I have a hard time being away from facebook.

Tools to help you get to that 50k (or whatever goal you set), are easy to set up.  You don’t need mass quantities of time.  Sprinting or Word Wars, help .  What these are are timed writing.  Some people go for 20 minutes, some 30, some even an hour.   You push yourself to write as many words as you can in those periods.  It helps if you do these with other folks, but you don’t have to.  Have a timer with an alarm set (phones are good for this).

To help get those words, you can use sprinting type programs.  I love “Written Kitten,” but there is also “Write or Die.”  The former uses cat pictures for each number of words you write (you select what that is).  And with the latter, there is one setting that I can’t take.  It freaks me out, and sets me on edge.  This is the Kamikazee mode (which eats words if you don’t keep typing).

There are communities of writers who do the November Nano at least.  You can find out if your region has a group led by one or more facilitators called “Municipal Liaisons.”  These folks are volunteers who set up the kickoff/closing ceremonies meetings, plot ins, and write ins.  You can meet up with other participants at these gatherings.  There is a Twitter presence and Nano has a fb page.  There are a lot of groups that are out there that can help with reaching your goals.

You can write everything from a first draft, revise, or do poetry if you like.  They have come a long way from being pretty strict with it being new words.

So the last thing I want to discuss is validation.  The Nano and Camp nano sites start validation on the 20th day (it used to be day 25).  You copy and paste your piece into the box on the validation screen.  It counts the words and then makes them disappear.   You can use the program Ipsum Lorem, which is creates words in gibberish latin, and then copy paste them. Ipsum Lorem has a 10k words at a time; so you have to copy and paste 5 times (plus I pad my word count some.  Some word processors counts are different from the Nano site.  

Once you have validated (and have reached either the 50k or the goals), then you get a bragging rights, certificates as well.  But on top of that, you can get cool writing goodies like Scrivener, Aeon Timeline and various others.  Usually 50% off if you make goal, though they offer a 30% if you don’t (at least November does).  If you don’t make it, someone who did can give you their coupon codes.

I highly recommend Nano for any writers out there. Whether you are trying for that first novel, short story, or epic poem, NaNoWriMo, and Camp Nano, is a lot of fun, camaraderie, and making new friends too.  Plus get well on the way to publishing.  To close here is a list of books that were Nano novels.  I’ll post the links to the various tools, and the websites below in the comments.  Plus various links to my blogs on Nano 101 subjects.

There are actually 474 of them, but I’ll point out some of the bigger ones.  

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Persistence of Memory

Debbie Manber Kupfer


Erin Morgenstern

The Night Circus

Sara Gruen

Water for Elephants

Thank you for joining me.  See you next time.

Thank you for joining me.  See you next time.  

National Novel Writing Month:

Camp NaNoWriMo:  You use your Nano site login credentials to get in here.

Write or Die:

Written Kitten:  (If you like dogs, horses, dragons can change the “kitten” part to dog/horse/dragons), and it will feed you pictures of that instead.

There is a lot of other good stuff on my blog, so feel free to sign up, and become a minion er I mean follower.  

Monday, February 26, 2018

Upcoming Publications

Hey there, just an upcoming publications list.  No release dates as of yet, but keep a look-out for them.

First up should be "The Longest Night Watch Vol. 3."  This is the anthology that I was part of for Volume 2.  In honor of Terry Pratchett and Gene Wilder Vol. 2, Vol 1 is for Terry Pratchett.   If you want to catch up on the series.  Links below.

Vol. 1

Vol. 2         


Submitted the introduction to "Drowned by Moonlight."  This is a project dedicated to the memory of Carrie Fisher.  It will benefit research into Bipolar disorder, which Carrie suffered from.  I also have a relative that has it, and it's a horrible mental disease.

Next:   Cracks in the Tapestry; this is an anthology that I am in the process of writing a story for.  Deadline is coming up soon.

May 11-13, 2018

Marcon 53, Hyatt Regency Columbus Ohio.

I will be on some panels hopefully.  Will let you know as soon as I know.  Marcon is something I was involved with for several years.  Though I had a hiatus until Marcon 50.

The last thing is I will be finishing the first draft of Stormwolfe (which is the second book in a series).  This way I can see what all needs to be added to the first book Stormraevyn.

Hoping to have Stormraevyn done and out later this year.  But life keeps throwing me curveballs!

Thank you for being part of my journey!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

My Intro Video on YouTube Channel

Yes, it's arrived, I've been building a YouTube Channel!  Here is a link to that, and a link to my intro video.

Feel Free to Subscribe and share it far and wide :) 


Thank you for being part of my journey!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

What's in a "Pen" Name? (Possibly my shortist blog to date!)

     This is one subject that comes up pretty much, on a regular basis for most writers groups I am in.  Do I use one? Is the most asked; followed closely by "Do I use a variation of my name?" 
     I think you need to answer the following questions:
     "What kind of writing do I do?  Would I want my parents/family to know that I'm writing this?"  If you are an erotica writer, it can be important to have a name that sounds like this genre anyhow, a pen name is not absolutely necessary.  However, if you answered "Yes," then you may want to have a pen name.  And preferably one that is far from your legal name. 
     Another question is, "Is my name hard to spell or say?"  If it is, from the standpoint of Google searches, you may want to have a pen name.  It could be a different spelling, or shortening your name.  That is if you don't care if your friends/family know you are writing in a genre that is possibly embarrassing (and this can include others besides erotica).
     One of the other important reminders is to do a Google search to see if someone else already is using it.   You could do a variation of that possible pen name.  For example, "Smith," could become "Smyth." 
     So I know you are probably saying, "Is L. Anne Wooley a pen name?"  Well, yes, and no.  This is a variation on my name.  And no, not saying what it is...even if it is a common enough name, I'm still not putting it out there. You can't make me!  I'm debating on using a totally different name for erotica, as I also write that from time to time. 
     Whatever you decide on doing, make sure you weigh the pros and cons unique to your situation.  You can have more than one name as well.  If you write different genres, it can be helpful to have one for each genre.  Just make sure you don't name yourself Stephen King or Anne Rice, and you should be fine. 

Helpful Links:

It suggested "Doris Catherine Barker."